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"But by doing that you hurt me! Don’t you get it?"

"N… No."

"By trying to protect me with your solution you end up hurting me more! To might as well lock me in a room for the rest of my life and pray I don’t trip and brake my neck over the bed post!" She snapped and slammed her fist on to the table. After shaking for a moment too released a shaky breath and pushed off the table. "I’m not hungry anymore…" She whispered and headed back to the bedroom.

"My love, please don’t walk away again! I am sorry! I will try… I will try to be better next time!"

"Look at me Legolas," she snapped and turned to face him. "Do I look like some weak maidan? I have scars, I know what pain is. Why are you so hell bent on protecting me so much?"

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